Nexty Log

Nexty is an easy to use To Do list manager created using GTD principles. The core idea behind this software is simplicity. I wanted to make a GTD tool that is the most easy to use.

Nexty Features

User Friendly
Nexty is very simple – you can start using it right away
It is available free of charge.
Open Source
Its a ‘Free’ software – since Nexty is under the BSD License, you can download and modify its code as you like.
See all your tasks, reminders and due dates in one centralized location.
Next Actions
Focus on one single task at a time using this feature.
For Projects, Tasks and Reminders that you have created.
And the Usual Stuff…
Nexty has everything you would expect in a GTD system – Projects, Contexts, Reminders – you know – the works.

Nexty Source Code

If you want to install nexty on your own server – be it on a website, or on a local network, or own your own system, you can download Nexty. The source is available for download – and its in the BSD license. So feel free to play around in the code


If you need any support for using Nexty, post a query on the Nexty Support Forum.

You can also post your suggestions there as well.

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